PURPOSE: The purpose of this program is to give players who express a desire to play soccer at a higher level (become a Travel Player) the opportunity to have additional training to prepare for the next level. All training sessions will use game-related activities to enhance player development. In using a game-related methodology for instruction, the goal for all players will be to develop motor skills and ball mastery to move the ball forward, create scoring chances, score goals, prevent the opponent from moving the ball forward, regain possession, denying the opponent scoring opportunities, and prevent the opponent from scoring goals. In addition, a game-related methodology helps players develop soccer intelligence, competence, and character.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE TO JOIN: Girls and Boys with birth year 2014 and 2015.

PROGRAM DIRECTOR AND LEAD INSTRUCTOR: Andrew Minnis, Director of Coaching. Andrew brings a wealth of knowledge and experience for coaching and playing at the club, collegiate, and professional levels.