SIU futsal program 2023 / 2024

We are excited to offer another winter futsal program this winter to our 2023/2024 travel players!

Shane Stuber, Interim ADOC, will lead our futsal program this season.

There are tabs at the bottom of the document linked above for each team's game schedule.


The 8U Girls & Boys Academy will be training with the SOIN Futsal league, led by Scott Menne. This is a strong 4-week developmentally focused league.  Each family will be asked to register directly through SOIN Futsal.  The link should be in your TeamSnap Team Chat.


We have 15 teams playing in the Mike Eimers Futsal League.

  • GAMES: All games in this league are played at the Mike Eimers Training Center (3001 Stober Rd / Louisville, KY 40213). All games start the weekend of Nov. 11 & 12.
    • 9U and 10U: Saturday, Dec. 30th Times TBD
    • 11U and older: Sunday, Dec. 31st Times TBD
  • PRACTICES: Please see the Master Google Sheet (reference the "Training Times by Team" tab at the bottom), indicating the day / time / location for your team’s training.  All teams will train 1x/week for 1-hour, at a local school gym.
  • WAIVER: Each player must complete and sign the WAIVER in order to play the first game in the Mike Eimer's Futsal League.
  • FEES: Players/Families will be invoiced individually via GotSport. The fees will be based on league registration costs and the number of players on each team.
  • RULESCLICK HERE for the KASL Futsal League Rules


  • Indoor soccer shoes with a flat, rubber outsole. No cleats.
  • Shin guards
  • Water bottle
  • You do not need to bring a futsal ball, SIU will provide these.
  • PRACTICES: Wear your red practice shirt to each practice.
  • GAMES: SIU will always wear navy shorts and navy socks, but always bring both the navy and gray jersey.

What is futsal?

Futsal is a variant of soccer played (mainly) indoors on a hard court slightly larger than a basketball court, with two teams of five players each, including a goalkeeper. It uses a smaller, heavier, low-bounce ball.

Why play futsal in the winter?

Futsal makes soccer players play the game at a fast-paced speed and forces players to be quick thinkers. To succeed, soccer players must control the ball in a small area while being able to creatively solve tactical problems of the game.


We will not have a formal registration for futsal. Parents will need to notify their team’s coach BEFORE Friday, Nov. 3rd if their player will be participating in futsal for the winter 2023 season. *

Coaches must submit rosters to Shane by Friday, November 3rd.


Player fees may vary per team depending on league choice and number of players per team. Fees will cover the cost of league registration, training, coach compensation, and equipment.

Fee is estimated at $115 per player. Players will be invoiced by the club once rosters are settled and leagues are chosen. *

Shane will work with each coach to determine the most suitable training and league option for their team.


SIU Futsal training will begin the week of November 6th and will be held at Green Valley Elementary in New Albany, IN. Each team will practice ONE night per week for ONE hour. Training days will be either Monday or Friday and will be determined by Shane and the team’s coach. This will be announced once all rosters have been submitted.


Louisville Futsal (highly competitive)

  • Starts December 2nd / 3rd and ends February 24th/ 25th (10 weeks)
  • Each team is guaranteed 7 – 8 games (possibility of 2 games being played in one weekend)
  • Games are on Saturday’s and Sunday’s
  • Location of games may vary (Louisville, KY)
    • Tennis courts @ Springhurst
    • UAW Local 862
    • Another location may be used if needed
  • Requires additional individual registration with US Futsal with a fee of $13.50
  • $10 spectator entry fee per game ($50 entry pass available for purchase through league)

Mike Eimers Futsal

  • First game is November 11th (7 weeks). We will do session 1 only.
  • Games are on Saturdays.
  • Location: Mike Eimers Training Facility (3001 Stober Ave Louisville, KY)
  • No extra fees and no spectator fees at the door
  • CLICK HERE for the KASL Futsal League Rules
  • CLICK HERE for the waiver to participate

Scott Menne’s SO IN Futsal Academy

  • Begins November 16th (4 weeks). We will do session 1.
  • Requires additional individual registration with US Futsal and fee of $13.50
  • All games are played at Hill City Church in Floyds Knobs, IN
  • Allows TEAM (through SIU) or INDIVIDUAL registrations.
    • Any player who would like to play futsal and does not have a team is highly encouraged to take advantage of SO IN Futsal Academy!
  • Please see their website for more information.

Brett Bass, Interim Director of Coaching | | (812) 200-0601

Shane Stuber, Interim Assistant Director of Coaching | | (502) 419-8505

This waiver must be turned in AT THE FACILITY prior to playing the first game.


Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, we have an amended Futsal schedule this week.

  • Monday practices will take place at their normal time @ Green Valley Elementary.
  • Thursday (Slate Run) and Friday (Green Valley) Practices will be canceled due to schools not being staffed on those days.
  • All games in the Mike Eimers league will be played as scheduled (Saturday, Nov. 25 & Sunday, Nov. 26). Click the link below for all game schedules.

Our partnership with the local elementary schools is essential in order for our players/teams to have a space to train. Both partner schools have asked us to please keep all families in the gyms while they are in the school building. Some equipment has been used and nearly broken, which should never happen. So, in order to keep a strong relationship with our partners, we are asking all parents to please either stay in the gym during your child’s training hour or drop them off & return to pick them up at the end of their practice. This will help ensure no one is loitering in the schools’ hallways. Thank you and have a Happy Thanksgiving!